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Objectivist - Full Stack Developer & UI Designer - XMPP Technologist - Co-founder CTO Crisp IM, Inc.

Announcing Bloom: A REST API Caching Middleware

Premature optimization is the root of all evil. Especially when you launch a new SaaS business you're not sure will succeed and get the traction you would expect of it. But, if success happens, you end up needing to optimize quite a lot of stuff. Two years ago, Baptiste Jamin »

Announcing Providence: A Spam Filter For XMPP

Fighting spam on decentralized & federated messaging networks (ie. XMPP) is "essentially war with a multi-headed hydra, when 3 new heads are instantly grown up when you cut off just one." — A. on the XSF mailing lists. After going through an extensive search on the available ways to fight XMPP »

Notes on: Yann LeCun, Deep Learning And The Future Of AI

This article sums up the conference video of Yann LeCun on Deep Learning And The Future Of AI. Yann LeCun currently works on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). As of 2016, he is director of the Facebook AI Lab. He remains part-time at NYU. You may use this notebook post to »