Articles about Crisp.

Horizontal Scaling of Socket.IO Microservices with RabbitMQ

At Crisp, we are building a customer service software that provides our users with a chatbox service that they can setup on their website. The Crisp chatbox provides features that require users to stay connected to Crisp servers over WebSocket, via Socket.IO, even if they do not opt to »

Announcing Sonic: A Super-Light Alternative to Elasticsearch

When one builds a product, a good measure of success would not be how much time users spend on the product, but how much time users save by using it. Let search be at the core of any product for that purpose. Three years ago, I started Crisp with Baptiste »

The Crisp Raison d'Être & Master Plan

Background: I’m Valerian Saliou, CTO and co-founder at Crisp, the Customer Support platform for everyone. My day job consists of designing & building Crisp products, and maintaining the infrastructure that makes everything run. I have tens of other project ideas, some of which are planned to be started at »