Articles on the XMPP protocol & ecosystem.

Announcing Prose: Decentralized Team Messaging in an Era of Centralized SaaS

Nowadays, almost every company is using messaging tools within their teams. Such tools help businesses boost productivity. They (almost) entirely replaced email. But there’s a hitch: those new platforms are all centralized. From Slack, Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, or the now-defunct HipChat, all company’s industrial secrets »

Announcing Providence: A Spam Filter For XMPP

Fighting spam on decentralized & federated messaging networks (ie. XMPP) is "essentially war with a multi-headed hydra, when 3 new heads are instantly grown up when you cut off just one." — A. on the XSF mailing lists.⚠️ Unfortunately, I had to cancel this project due to a lack of time, »