This article sums up the interview video of Mark Zuckerberg from the How to Build the Future series of Y Combinator.

You may use this notebook post to quickly extract value from the following video without watching it entirely.

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  • You should start with the problem you want to solve in the world.
  • The best company in the world want to drive social change, not because you want to make a bunch of money or have a lot of people working to do.
  • Usually people decide to start a company before deciding what to do. It’s non-sense.
  • They invest in a huge test framework: there’s not a single version of Facebook running in the world, there’s thousands.
  • They learn from experiences and ideas don’t come from Mark or management. Engineers take decisions based on measured metrics & experiments.
  • Experience isn’t important in hiring. Mark started Facebook at 19 and already hired people. You should invest in people you believe in, focus on talented people. Review what people have done, but over all, give people opportunity.
  • Transformation of the world (in the future): 3 years roadmap (things to focus on)
    • Connectivity: bring Internet to the world, connect everyone.
    • AI: unlock so much potential in so many domains (e.g.: provide people better content, diagnose diseases better)
    • Platforms: every decades there’s a new computing platform (shifts of paradigms). There was desktop computers a decade ago, then mobile now, and probably VR in the next decade.
  • Pick something you care about, work on it, and chose to start a company only if you know it’s starting to work.
  • Peter Thiel quote to Mark: ‘In a world that’s changing so quickly, the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk.”
  • For every decision you’re gonna make there’s an upside and downside. But in aggregate, if you are stagnant and not making changes, you are guaranteed to fail. Hence Peter Tiel quote on risks.