This article sums up the interview video of Elon Musk from the How to Build the Future series of Y Combinator.

You may use this notebook post to quickly extract value from the following video without watching it entirely.

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  • Things that will affect the future
    • AI is something that could go wrong so we have to make sure it’s built the good way.
    • Genetics to solve genetic diseases.
    • High bandwidth interface to the brain.
  • People who want to be useful (to the world, society) should not all get a PhD.
  • If something didn’t improve, rocket technology would stay stuck. This is a trend to zero as nobody was working to make rockets better.
  • Civilizations decline by stopping innovating and stalling. Eg: Rome stopping building roads and other infrastructure.
  • Entropy is not on our side.
  • Odds of a Mars colony are good. Certain there is a way to establish life on Mars.
  • To build a safe future, we need to ensure any powerful AI cannot be controlled by a powerful entity (e.g. a corporation). Democratization and spread of commoditized AI is better as it doesn’t get controlled by a few (speaking about OpenAI). So AI systems must be widespread to ensure a safe future for people.
  • 80% of Elon time is spent on Engineering and Design, although people think he’s kind of a business person.
  • What really matters is the machine that builds the machine (speaking of factory lines of the Tesla factory).